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Real Testimonials from Real Clients

Real testimonials from some of the clients that we have massaged. Most of these testimonials are from clients of this business. However some are from clients the therapists have worked on at other businesses, we do this so that the customer can see real testimonials from a variety of other clients.

If you look at other sites for reviews of our company you will see that we have only a few reviews on those sites, please understand that most of the people we work on are very busy and generally do not have the time (or desire) to go to various sites and create profiles to be able to leave a review.

Also, a lot of the people that use our service like their privacy and do not generally have profiles on public sites. They will some times submit or email us a testimonial as we keep their general information private except for their first name, last initial, and city (to show they are real people) and their profession (to show the variety of people that we have worked on). Plus the best kept secrets are kept secret.

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Testimonials for Rachel

"What an amazing experience! She was very kind, and had an amazing touch! Her massage techniques were wonderful, Rachel massaged places i've never had massaged (my hips and a certain angle on my shoulders), and she used angles and techniques that i've never had before and loved! I recommend her to everyone! She did deep tissue on my shoulders, and light relaxation on my lower back. No matter what massage you're looking for, she will be great at! The pressure was perfect as well! I didn't have to ask ONCE to use more or less pressure, and that has NEVER happened to me during a massage. Look no further, you have found the masseuse for you!"

Kyoko S, Student
Tempe, AZ

"Not only the best massage I have ever had but also the most convenient and enjoyable because she comes to you!"

Adela A, Sales
Chandler, AZ

"Best massage I've ever had. Rachel continues to impress me with the care and professionalism that seems to come standard with every treatment. in my opinion there is no better. give them a try you won't be disappointed"

Micheal H, Videographer
Eloy, AZ

A great massage, at home! No driving after, just relaxing even more. Rachel is the best. I'm a happy camper every time!"

Stacey S, Student
Phoenix, AZ

"5stars ..Rachel came to me prompt professional..and personable. 90 minutes went way too fast...u wont go wrong with Rachel shes right for job....."

Antonio S, Attorney
Cleveland, OH

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Testimonials for Cozy

“An incredible, relaxing experience!”

Lindsay P, Mental Health Therapist
Houston, TX

"Cozy is pretty amazing. ... she is very professional. I have never felt anything but relaxed and comfortable when being treated by her. ..."

Chris M
Las Vegas, NZ

"Over the years I've had many massage experiences. ... in the process of the massage - she doesn't create more pain along the way. ... she's not just rubbing on the pain - she's actually ridding my body of pain. "

Denise M
Las Vegas, NV

"Cozy listens to her clients needs. She makes suggestions for what type of massage would meet their needs and then lets the client choose."

Tracy W
Fernandina Beach, FL

"Very professional, very knowledgeable, very thorough, very relaxing"

Nicole L
Las Vegas, NV

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