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About Melissa & Her Testimonials

Licensed Massage Therapist

Licensed since: 2010

Specialty: Relaxing Therapeutic with Stretching

Other types of massage: Swedish, Deep-Tissue, Sports Therapy, Injury Massage

"I like to customize my massage to the client’s needs. The pressure I apply can range from light to deep. Clients typically enjoy that I ease into deeper layers of tissue, rather than just applying deep pressure, which I feel has an added benefit with recovery. I prefer to work out kinks and access the deeper layers of muscles, as well as incorporate different techniques to relax the body and mind."

Melissa-massage therapist


“Melissa is the best massage therapist I have ever been too! She has so much knowledge and understanding of the human body. She has taught me so much and has made me a better CrossFit instructor. She is just amazing! You haven't had a real massage until you have had one from her!”

Heather, LV1 Crossfit Instructor
Spangdahlem, Germany

“Melissa always listened to my concerns and could sense different moods/energy. She was able to find all of my trouble areas and always paid extra attention to my neck and back tension. I was a lucky volunteer as she practiced deep muscle work and trigger point techniques. She even treated a knee issue that she noticed at the end of a session. Definitely an amazing person! She is the best massage therapist I've ever met. I would still be a regular client if not for job relocation.”

Courtney, Pediatrician
Mesa, AZ & Camp Springs, MD

“She did an amazing job while in Japan during my prep stage for a bodybuilding contest! She was able to target the lactic acid build up and relieve the tension throughout my body. Thank you again Melissa!”

James, Medic Trainer
Misawa, Aomori, Japan