About Cozy & Her Testimonials

Licensed Massage Therapist

Licensed since: 2007

Specialty: Swedish

Other types of massage: Ortho-Bionomy(R) based massage, Pregnancy massage, reflexology

"People have described my massage as delicious. Since becoming a massage therapist in 2003 I have learned lots of tricks and techniques to help you to feel better. I am skilled in the following techniques and practices; Ortho-Bionomy(R), Reflexology, Trigger point, Reiki and spa body treatments. These techniques allow you to feel relaxed and comfortable while getting to those deep tissue knots. Gentle, yet effective bodywork."

What is Ortho-Bionomy(R)? Click here (opens in a new tab/window)



"An incredible, relaxing experience!"

Lindsay P, Mental Health Therapist
Houston, TX

"Cozy is pretty amazing. When I first started seeing her for therapy I was told "my method is a bit different. I try to find the cause, not just treat symptoms. Think of a car. You can keep changing the tire that always wears out fast, or you can let a profession look at it, get the alignment done, and fix the problem." 

Although Cozy's methods are a bit different, she is very professional. I have never felt anything but relaxed and comfortable when being treated by her.   
It's also worth noting that I am a sizable guy 6'2" 240# and the Meyer method works to get out those knots and ailments noone else can seem to get. I always leave walking taller, and more relaxed than I went in."

Chris M
Las Vegas, NV 

Melody Z, daughter of a client
Phoenix, AZ

"Over the years I've had many massage experiences.  Some I liked and some, well, not so much.  

What I love about working with Cozy is a couple thing:  first, Cozy herself.  She's no nonsense and professional, but she also has a spirit of fun.  Second, in the process of the massage - she doesn't create more pain along the way.  Y'know those masseuses where you're gritting your teeth through it and saying, "This is going to feel good - later."  I feel good through the whole thing - and I spring for the 90 minute massage, though 60 minutes is great, too.  

Finally, working with Cozy she's helped me alleviate aches and pain permanently.  They do not come back.  So, she's not just rubbing on the pain - she's actually ridding my body of pain"

Denise M
Las Vegas, NV 

"Cozy listens to her clients needs. She makes suggestions for what type of massage would meet their needs and then lets the client choose. 

I have lived with chronic pain for several years. My pain increased after flying to Las Vegas. I explained my situation to Cozy and she suggested I allow her to use her Ortho Bionomy techniques. I'd never heard of it before but gave it a try. At first I thought it would not help as the techniques involves very slow movements and did not think it would help me to relax and have less pain. I was wrong. Ortho Bionomy is an amazing technique that I will request in the future!"

Tracy W
Fernandina Beach, FL

"Very professional, very knowledgeable, very thorough, very relaxing"

Nicole L
Las Vegas, NV