Why Choose Us

9 Reasons to Choose Us

With all the massage therapy choices out there it can be difficult to decide where to schedule your massage. So here are some reasons we think you should schedule with us.


We are all Arizona State Licensed Massage Therapists

All of the Massage Therapists that work for Traveling Therapeutic Massage have a current license in the state of Arizona to provide massage therapy to clients. This is important because it ensures that they have received the proper training required and passed a background check. It also means that they have continued with their education and learning to maintain their license, and to be able to add to their skill set.

All of our therapists are very professional, respectful and honest. They maintain professional boundaries at all times.


We have a team of amazing massage therapists

With a team of Therapists available you can almost always get scheduled for a massage, with sufficient notice. We have both female and male Massage Therapists on our team so you have a choice of Therapist. Seeing that we are a team, we can provide massages to couples and groups, as well as individuals.

Another benefit to using a business with a team of Therapists is each one has their own style and techniques. If you would like to try a different style of massage, or if you like variety, it is easy to do. Also, if your regular Massage Therapist is on vacation or sick we can send another one to take care of you.


Sit back and relax, we drive to you!

Our licensed massage therapist bring the massage clinic to you. No need for you to go anywhere to get the massage you need. Instead you get to have it done in the comfort and privacy of your own home, hotel suite or office.

Not only do you get a great massage, but we come to you with all the supplies needed to provide you with custom tailored massage. Since we drive to you, it can save you time and a lot of hassle. You will also be able to enjoy the relaxed, loosened up, feeling much longer.

Your Massage Therapist will set up in the spot of you choice (space permitting) and then pack it all up and take it all away when they are finished. Weather permitting, we can also set up outside on the patio or by the pool.


Our therapists are some of the best in the valley

Our therapists love what they do and it shows. They have an intuitive touch and healing hands.

We have therapist that are great at doing deeper work and we have therapists that are great at doing lighter work. Both styles are very effective at helping relieve tension in the body and relieving stress. They have been able to help clients with reducing stress, reducing pain get better sleep, and more


Quality and convenience at a great price

With the quality of massage work that we do and the convenience of us driving to you it will be difficult to find a better price. We are not the cheapest and there is a good reason for that, you get what you pay for.

We also clearly list our prices on our website so you can see that we charge everyone the same rate. The only time we charge more is when a therapist has to drive more than 30 miles, if there is a parking fee and if the appointment is after the end of business hours. You should be leery of anyone that does not list their prices. There are some businesses that will charge you more just because you are in a nicer area or hotel. We do not do this as we believe it is deceptive and price gouging.


We provide a full 60, 90 or 120 minute massage

When you schedule a massage with us a 60 minute massage is a full 60 minutes of body work. We do not count the set up or break down as part of your massage time. A lot of places do what they call a 'spa hour', which is generally only 50 minutes of body work. Those 10 extra minutes can make a world of difference. We have always believed that an hour should be 60 minutes, so that is what we do.

As a result, the overall time for our appointment (time we are in your home) does take a little longer than the scheduled massage time. It takes us about 10-15 minutes to set up and again to break down. Please plan on the extra 20 - 30 minutes of time of us being in your home.


Convenient and Flexible Scheduling

We offer appointments in the morning, afternoon and evening, 7 days a week. So you can get your massage done around your schedule. For those who need later appointments we do offer after hour appointments for an additional fee.

At times we can do same day and short notice appointments. However, we do not offer on demand appointments.


Experience and top quality massage work

Our Massage Therapists have several years of experience and have worked on all types, and ages, of people. We have been able to help people loosen tight muscles, relax knots and tension, reduce stress, increase range of motion, reduce headaches, reduce and relieve sciatic nerve pain, reduce discomfort in the low back, get better sleep, and more. We have also worked on people with health issues such as a brain injury, Parkinson’s, ALS, Cerebral Palsy, MS, and more.

We have worked on clients from the young to the elderly. They have been entrepreneurs, business owners, stay at home moms, assistants, manual laborers, lawyers, doctors, professional athletes, musicians, and more.


No Membership Required

Maybe it is just us, but we think pressuring someone into a monthly membership, especially right after a massage, is not good.

We never have, and never will, try to talk you into a membership. We believe they only benefit the business and rarely the customers, as businesses that offer them know most people will not use it every month and that is how they make their money. Even if you have the credit for the missed massage, if you were not able to make it before when do you think you will be able to use them. So in the end each massage you actually got really costs quite a bit more than you thought.

Taking care of your health should not be a luxury, it should be a necessity!

We all lead very busy lives and time can get away from us. The once slight ache or pain can become chronic and eventually prevent you from living life to the fullest and doing what you need to do. When you take the time to get a massage, you are not only taking care of your body physically, you are also taking care of yourself mentally, as it will calm your system and slow you mind down.

Take some time to recharge yourself!

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  • State Licensed Mobile Massage
  • Relaxing Therapeutic Massage
  • Can Work on All Types of People
  • Reasonable Rate
  • No Membership
  • Flexible Scheduling
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  • Client's comfort is top priority
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