Are you an Arizona State Licensed Massage Therapist and interested in doing some mobile massage?

Are you an Independent Contract (IC), and/or interested in doing some IC work, and fully understand the responsibility of being one?

I am always interested in adding amazing massage therapists to my team. If you have an active Arizona Massage license, have the means to get to clients homes, you have a portable table, sheets, oil/lotion, are reliable and very professional, use quality products, and give a great massage, We will probably work well together. Please check out my website first and if you feel that you would be a good fit with my business, please call or text me.

This is a well-established mobile massage business that gets many great clients. I get a number of groups and several couple’s massages and I utilize independent contractors to help with those clients. However, the work can vary from week to week, and there will be weeks without any work. I do have a small team of great massage therapists that work with me, but it never hurts to have a few more great MTs on the team. Appointments would always be either with myself or another Massage Therapist, rarely to never a solo appointment. Most of the calls I get are in Phoenix or the east valley, but I do get calls for the west side of town.

All the Massage Therapists that currently work with me all have their own business and several of them work for other local businesses and/or use the app-based businesses as well. I have never had a ‘non-complete’ clause in my contract, as those are not reasonable and complete opposite of the requirements of being an IC (and now not legal to have in a contract). I follow the requirements, about as much as I can, I do set the rate charged to the client because it is couples and groups, and that is only 1 of 18 factors in being an IC. This is a true independent contractor work and you will be required to sign a contract to work with me. You will be 100% responsible for keeping track of the work you do (this is part of keeping proper records for your business and if you care about your money this should not be a problem at all), including tips and any fees paid to you, and submit a proper and correct invoice to receive payment from me. I always pay the therapists that work with me and generally though Zelle. There is one IC that has not accepted the check I have sent her (more than once) and they get returned to me, so she has ‘not gotten paid’, but that is on her as she will not sign for the check that has been sent to her, and if she used Zelle she would have been paid the day she sent a correct invoice.

When working with me, you do the massage that you do best and are able to do. You do as deep as you want/can. If you only do light to medium massage, then that is what you do. When I get work for you I will send you a text asking if you are available with the date, time (if given to me, sometimes people are flexible), city and the cross streets. If you can and want to do it, great! If not, no worries! It is really that simple. You only want to do 3 or more, great. You only want to do max of 3, great. I can work with just about anything, so don’t be worried. However, the more restrictive you are (number of massages you will do, distance you will travel, times you are available, etc.), the less likely I can give you a decent amount of work.

The only thing that I ask is that you you provide a great massage, keep proper business records, can handle running your own business, and that you respect me, my business, my experience, and the work I put into it getting clients. It is my business, and I do have policies and standards that I will not adjust for anyone. I do have a process that everyone MUST go through to work with me. This includes a practical and a signed contract. I do NOT just take your word on how great you are, I have a set way of knowing if a therapist will work well on my team or not. One of the requirements is a practical (which you do get paid for most of), as clients often ask about the type/style of massages offered, and I want to know what your massage feels like so I can send the right gigs to you. If that will be a problem for you, then we will not work well together.

If you are new to IC work and you want to learn about it, I am willing to work with you and explain what needs to be done, but I am not here to teach you every aspect of running your own business. One of the key factors in being an IC is having your own business, and I do expect a business owner to know how to and be able to handle business things and not be hand held every time. With me, you an Independent Contractor and not an employee that I just call an IC. I am busy with my own business and other things and do not have time to manage someone else’s business and keep reminding them about everything. If you care about your business and your money, you will keep proper records.

Now, if you made it this far, awesome. I really am an easy person to work with, as long as you understand the IC aspects. If you give a great massage, the clients like you, you show up when you say you will (no flaking/no shows), are professional in all aspects, and you are generally a positive person, I’m sure we will get a long great.

I get great clients that appreciate a great massage (every once in a while, a pia one slips through but it is rare). I am easy to work with and respect the independent contractor agreement. I use independent contractors as the work is hit or miss, and very likely will not be consistent regular work. Some weeks are busy and some weeks are not. Please don’t let other experiences with people that like to play both sides of the fence (call you an IC but control you like an employee), leave a bad taste in your mouth. There are a lot of massage businesses that do a lot of things that are not right. I am not them, and I do things a bit differently.

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