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Are you an Arizona State Licensed Massage Therapist and interested in doing some mobile massage

Are you an Arizona State Licensed Massage Therapist and interested in doing some mobile massage but do not want to deal with the hassle of the calls and questions, scheduling, rescheduling, customer issues, etc?  Do you want to be well compensated for quality work? 

Do you have a current and active state massage license, personal liability insurance, and all of your own supplies (transportation, massage table, sheets, music, oil/lotion/gel)? Do you consider massage a profession and a passion? Would you say that you have a natural touch for massage and are told your massage is well above average?

We are a well-established mobile massage business that has good quality clients. We have clients in different areas through-out the valley, in homes, hotels, resorts, at businesses, and more. We get requests for individuals, couples, groups, and businesses that are looking for a great massage. Most of the time we can accommodate your preference of the clients that you work on; individual massages, only want to do couples or groups, or like doing massages at businesses (chair massage and sometimes clothed table massage). 

We just ask that you understand what quality massage work is, what professionalism is, and that you have a passion for providing massage work to people that really need it.

The work would be on-call and you would be an independent contractor, so you will be responsible for all of your own supplies and expenses, and paying all of your own taxes (social security, income, self-employment, etc.). You let us know when and where you want to work, and we will do our best to get you work within that range.  We offer a great pay (a higher percentage than most other businesses) plus tips. We pay one of the top rates for chair massage events as we feel chair massage is harder on a massage therapist than a regular massage. A good majority of clients do add a tip/gratuity but it is by no means guaranteed from everyone.

To work with us, you will need to have a current massage license in the State of Arizona,  dress like a professional (just like you would if you worked at a location), use quality products, and maintain a professional & respectful manner at all times. To get more work and to make it easiest to get to the clients you will also likely want reliable transportation, GPS (a good sense of direction also helps), cell phone, texting service, able to carry multiple supplies with you.

There is no guarantee of the amount of work from one week to the next; though getting regular clients is possible. However, the more availability you have and further distance you are willing to drive (we do pay a travel fee for certain distances) the better chance of getting work you will have. We have set business hours, and if you are available to do a massage after the end of our business hours, we do charge (and therefore pay) an additional amount.

We respect our therapists, their training, and their time, and do what we can to help a therapist get work and try to make it the easiest we can. We do our best to take good care of our therapists and try to provide tools that may help you.

In return we ask pretty much the same from you, we ask that you respect us, our experience & training, and our time & effort in getting you the work that we do. We also ask that you respect the clients that we send you to (and their privacy), that you respect the profession and do not do anything outside of your scope of practice and training, and that you respect yourself and your own worth for your skills and training.

If all of this sounds good to you, then contact us now. You can give us a call or send a text or send an email.