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Did you know that you can get a great massage in your home?  

Have you ever considered getting a professional massage in your home? Did you know that you can have a state licensed massage therapist drive to you instead of you having to drive to them? Several massage therapists will travel for specific clients, though only for established clients that cannot get out of their home. However,…

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Low Back Pain – what is causing the pain?

A lot of people experience low back pain and/or sciatic nerve pain on a regular basis, however most people do not know what the cause is for their excruciating pain.  Low back pain and sciatic nerve pain is not always the same thing, though many people experience them at the same time. All they know…

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Discounted and Membership Massage Places

On several occasions I have had people ask me about our rates, especially compared to chain membership massage places and by other therapist or places that charge less than we do. So I decided to go to one of the chain places to see what exactly their massage was like. Up to this point I have never…

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Running and massage therapy

In the Phoenix area we have quite of few marathons, 1/2 marathons, 5k’s, 10k’s, triathlons and such. With these events there are a lot of people wanting to get a massage before or after their event, which can be great but for some it can also do more harm than good. After discussing with several…

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