Did you know that you can get a great massage in your home?  

Have you ever considered getting a professional massage in your home? Did you know that you can have a state licensed massage therapist drive to you instead of you having to drive to them?

Several massage therapists will travel for specific clients, though only for established clients that cannot get out of their home. However, we realized that there are many people that would want a massage done in their home, so in 2008 Traveling Therapeutic Massage was started to provide a way for those people to get the massage they need. Over the years we have found that there are many reasons people get a massage done at their location instead of going to an office.

Many people like to having their massage done in the comfort and privacy of their own home, and find it much more relaxing

They don’t want to go to a location with a crowded waiting area, get a massage in a small room that can be somewhat claustrophobic, unknown cleanliness of the location, too hot, too cold, etc. When getting a massage done in your home, you get to set the surrounds, the room temperature, music (we do bring music but you may prefer your own), any scents you want or don’t want, etc.

Then there is the issue of finding the time in a busy day and packed schedule

Things like getting a much needed massage seem to get pushed aside or forgotten about. We get so busy that we keep thinking that we will call, later or tomorrow, but time slips away. When we try to call some places are booked weeks or months out. But you need a massage now, you have pain now.

At Traveling Therapeutic Massage we understand this and generally do have appointments available on short notice. We do not do on-demand massage, but we can normally accommodate you with in a day or two. We do specialize in more of a therapeutic or rehabilitative type massage, so most of our clients tend to get massages when they need them, as opposed to regularly scheduled appointments. However, we do have some clients that like or need a regular massage. Its a nice blend of regular and short notice clients, works well for clients and us. Some days we are able to do same day appointments and some days we are not.

Another great reason to get a massage in your home is it can help save you time by not having to deal with the hassle of going somewhere

Most people say that it saves them 30-60 minutes of time, and sometimes more. What would you do with an extra thirty minutes in your day? Sit back and relax, respond to a message, start a load of laundry, meditate, take a shower, make a quick phone call, etc. Please keep in mind that it does take us some time to set up and to pack up, about 10-30 minutes total, but you can do what you need to do.

There are also people with hectic or unusual schedules (business owners, business travelers, athletes, musicians, etc.) that makes it difficult to schedule an appointment in advance

They like the flexibility of having their massage done around their schedule and at a location that is most convenient for them. We offer appointments mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends, so we are able to work around most schedules.

Some people need to get a massage done at home because they have a health condition that makes it difficult to get out of the house, get in a vehicle or are unable to drive

This can be anyone with a health condition that requires equipment, age, anxiety, and people that simply don’t drive or don’t have a vehicle, etc. When getting a massage done at home, there is no need to pack up any equipment or supplies.

Other people are in too much pain to drive or have limited mobility, which can make it difficult, and possibly unsafe, to drive

This can be anyone suffering from migraines, low back pain, sciatic nerve pain, injury, pain in the neck, etc. First it can be painful to drive to a location, but then you have to worry about getting back into your car and have your muscles tighten back up again before you even get home. When you have us drive to you, you do not have to deal with any of that. You just have to get on and off the massage table, we do pretty much everything else. We can even let ourselves out when we leave.

For parents, whether they have one child or more, it can be difficult to get out of the house to get the a much needed massages

They either have to go separately or hire a babysitter, which just adds to the time and/or over all cost. However, when they get their massages done in their home, one parent can get a massage while the other one watches the children, saving them time and money.

There is also that great feeling you have right after a great massage – nice and relaxed, pain free (or at least reduced pain), reduced stress levels, slightly euphoric and/or light headed, and more

Then the reality of having to get up and drive back home starts to kick in, and the relaxation of the massage starts to fade. However, if you schedule a massage with us, you do not have to worry about that. You get to sit back and relax while we drive to you and set up where you direct us.

Here at Traveling Therapeutic Massage, we are a team of Arizona State Licensed Massage Therapist that only travel to our clients

Our team consists of female and male massage therapists. We are just like the massage therapists that work at a location, but we drive to you. Since we are a team, we can provide massages for individuals, couples, and groups. We drive to all kinds of locations; homes, offices, businesses, hospitals, hotels, resorts, event centers, and more.

All of the therapists on our team have been well screened by the owner of the business. They all have a current Arizona Massage License to practice massage. They are all very professional and respectful. They have all the supplies they need for your massage and are experienced in providing in home massage therapy so they are used to adjusting where and how they set up.

When you call us for your massage we will match you with the best therapist for your needs and availability. Our therapists bring everything they need for your massage, including a massage table, sheets, massage medium (lotion, oil, gel, cream, etc.) and music. Some therapists have extra padding, side extenders and body support support systems. It is very similar to going to a location but without the time, aggravation, and hassle to doing so.

If you are in Arizona, and in the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Glendale and more), give us a call and we will drive to you with all the supplies needed for a great massage. We travel all over the Metro Phoenix area, east valley, west valley, north and south, so no matter where you are we can drive to you. With our team we can provide individual massages, couples massages, or provide massages to a group of people.

Get the massage you need, and then sit back and relax, or do whatever you feel like doing.

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  1. Amandeep on 2016-02-18 at 9:31 am

    There are more correlational studies supporting the idea that regular massage sessions can help decrease the symptoms associated with clinical depression. Unfortunately, I have no direct references to support this claim. However, after speaking with a psychiatrist, who within the last year, visited a national educational convention, stated hearing many references to research that supports this concept. Some of the benefits included the regulation of seratonin levels and the decrease of stress-linked sterols in the bloodstream. Most people reported a better sense of well-being in general. These subjects may have received one hour massages once per week for 8-10 weeks. However, once every two weeks should still be effective.

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