Styles of Massage

Relaxing neck and scalp

Are you unsure of what style of massage you are looking for?

There are several styles of massage, so you may not know what one you would like. Maybe you have never had a massage before and you are not sure what style you would like the most, or you have had massages before but do not know what the style was. In addition, Massage Therapists will generally create their own blend of styles, so that can make it even more confusing. However, most Therapists will specialize or focus on one main style.

At Traveling Therapeutic Massage we off er two main styles of massage, therapeutic massage and relaxation massage.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage are also known as deep tissue massage. This generally uses a firm to deep pressure and more focused on working out an “issue”. Some of the issues that it has shown to help with are a stiff neck, tight low back, frozen shoulder, chronic pain, general aches and pains, headaches, sciatic pain, restricted movement, and much more. It can also include trigger point work and stretching. Each Therapist has been though different training, so each Therapist’s massage will be slightly different.

Here at Traveling Therapeutic Massage, we specialize in what we call Relaxing Therapeutic Massage

Our relaxing therapeutic massage is a blend of deep tissue techniques and some more relaxing techniques, to help your body and mind relax.

Our Therapists have the ability to sense what areas of the body require a firmer pressure and techniques to loosen the tight muscles. And what areas need a softer touch to only soothe the tired muscles. They also know what techniques will assist in relaxing the muscles.

Each massage is tailored to each clients, and the pressure and techniques are adjusted to suit each person. Our massages are designed to help your body and mind relax. This can help with relief for tight neck and shoulders, low back pain, sore hips, foot pain, headaches, limited range of motion, and more. It can also help with getting better sleep and more focused

Some times this may be a massage that is more focused on one or two areas and may be a bit intense. This may require pushing (or breathing) through some pain, but can help loosen and relax the muscle(s). The rest of the massage is generally more relaxing.

Other times the massage is firm enough to loosen the muscle but not enough to active the muscle. The whole body is worked in a way to get it release the tension and discomfort in each area.

And sometimes it is the perfect blend of both a bit intense while also being soothing.

Relaxation Massage

For people looking to relax and unwind, a relaxation massage is great style to get. It is softer and more flowing style of massage. Swedish Massage is what most people think of when they think of a softer massage.

This style of massage utilizes long and flowing strokes, and can feel like one long connected flow. The pressure is generally on the lighter side, but can be increased to the client's preference.

Some people like a softer touch and sometimes the body may respond better to a lighter pressure. A massage does not need to be deep or painful to get results and to have the muscle relax and unwind. A lot of times a more soothing massage is what the body needs to able to relax.

A soothing touch can help a person in many ways; it can help reduce pain, help relieve some anxiety and stress, stimulate the lymphatic system, get better sleep, and more. The pressure and techniques are adjusted to each person.

This is also a great massage for people that need a more delicate touch, such as someone that is elderly or someone receiving hospice or palliative type care. We have worked on people that have Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, brain injury, post-surgery, post cancer treatment care, MS, and more.

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