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Rachel profile

Rachel - MT-11200

Licensed since: 2008

Specialty: Relaxing Therapeutic Massage

Other types of massage: Pregnancy Massage, Swedish Massage

"My massage is generally deep enough to get the tension out but gentle enough to be relaxing. I like to say that it is enough pressure for your body to know that I am there but not enough for it to scream at me. I am told I have a natural touch and seem to know the just right pressure and right areas to work for just about anyone. The pregnancy massages that I do are also more on the therapeutic side (slightly more pressure than most places) to help pregnant mothers get relief from their aches and pains."

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Cozy - MT-22911

Licensed since: 2007

Specialty: Swedish massage

Other types of massage: Ortho-Bionomy(R) based massage, Pregnancy massage, reflexology

"People have described my massage as delicious. Since becoming a massage therapist in 2003 I have learned lots of tricks and techniques to help you to feel better. I am skilled in the following techniques and practices; Ortho-Bionomy(R), Reflexology, Trigger point, Reiki and spa body treatments. These techniques allow you to feel relaxed and comfortable while getting to those deep tissue knots. Gentle, yet effective bodywork."

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