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Our Team of Therapists

Traveling Therapeutic Massage-Rachel


Licensed since: 2008

Specialty: Relaxing Therapeutic Massage

Other types of massage: Pregnancy Massage

My massage is generally deep enough to get the tension out but gentle enough to be relaxing. I like to say that it is enough pressure for your body to know that I am there but not enough for it to scream at me. I am told I have a natural touch and seem to know the just right pressure and right areas to work for just about anyone. The pregnancy massages that I do are also more on the therapeutic side (slightly more pressure than most places) to help pregnant mothers get relief from their aches and pains

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Tamara - Traveling Therapeutic Massage


Licensed since: 2011

Specialty: Therapeutic Deep Tissue with facilitated stretching

Other types of massage: Hot Stone, Pregnancy, Reflexology, Thermal Body Wraps

"Regular massage is an amazing way to care for your body from the outside in. I believe deep tissue can be effective at releasing tense muscles and stress spots, while still being relaxing enough for the body to let go. Facilitated stretching helps the muscles tissue go the extra mile releasing, repairing and elongating to bring the back to a state of rejuvenation."

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Traveling Therapeutic Massage-David


Licensed since: 2006

Specialty: Deep Tissue with stretching and some Swedish mixed in

Other types of massage: Sports Massage, Reflexology, Swedish, Tui-Na, Geriatric Massage, and Pregnancy Massage

"I believe that every body is different and every individual needs different types of massage work, therefore I customize my massages based on the client’s needs."

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Melissa-massage therapist


Licensed since: 2010

Specialty: Relaxing Therapeutic with Stretching

Other types of massage: Swedish, Deep-Tissue, Sports Therapy, Injury Massage

"I like to customize my massage to the client’s needs. The pressure I apply can range from light to deep. Clients typically enjoy that I ease into deeper layers of tissue, rather than just applying deep pressure, which I feel has an added benefit with recovery. I prefer to work out kinks and access the deeper layers of muscles, as well as incorporate different techniques to relax the body and mind."

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Licensed since: 2007

Specialty: Swedish massage

Other types of massage: Ortho-Bionomy(R) based massage, Pregnancy massage, reflexology

"People have described my massage as delicious. Since becoming a massage therapist in 2003 I have learned lots of tricks and techniques to help you to feel better. I am skilled in the following techniques and practices; Ortho-Bionomy(R), Reflexology, Trigger point, Reiki and spa body treatments. These techniques allow you to feel relaxed and comfortable while getting to those deep tissue knots. Gentle, yet effective bodywork."

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