About Rachel & Her Testimonials

Licensed Massage Therapist, owner

Licensed since: 2008

Specialty: Relaxing Therapeutic Massage

Other types of massage: Pregnancy

My massage is generally deep enough to get the tension out but gentle enough to be relaxing. I like to say that it is enough pressure for your body to know that I am there but not enough for it to scream at me. I am told I have a natural touch and seem to know the just right pressure and right areas to work for just about anyone. The pregnancy massages that I do are also more on the therapeutic side (slightly more pressure than most places) to help pregnant mothers get relief from their aches and pains

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"What an amazing experience! She was very kind, and had an amazing touch! Her massage techniques were wonderful, Rachel massaged places i've never had massaged (my hips and a certain angle on my shoulders), and she used angles and techniques that i've never had before and loved! I recommend her to everyone! She did deep tissue on my shoulders, and light relaxation on my lower back. No matter what massage you're looking for, she will be great at! The pressure was perfect as well! I didn't have to ask ONCE to use more or less pressure, and that has NEVER happened to me during a massage. Look no further, you have found the masseuse for you!"

Kyoko S, Student
Tempe, AZ

"Not only the best massage I have ever had but also the most convenient and enjoyable because she comes to you!"

Adela A, Sales
Chandler, AZ

"Best massage I've ever had. Rachel continues to impress me with the care and professionalism that seems to come standard with every treatment. in my opinion there is no better. give them a try you won't be disappointed"

Micheal H, Videographer
Eloy, AZ

"A great massage, at home! No driving after, just relaxing even more. Rachel is the best. I'm a happy camper every time!"

Stacey S, Student
Phoenix, AZ

"5stars ..Rachel came to me prompt professional..and personable. 90 minutes went way too fast...u wont go wrong with Rachel shes right for job....."

Antonio S, Attorney
Cleveland, OH

"Rachel is one the best practitioners I have ever had. She knows how to move pain from your body! She is amazing , on time, perfect pressure and she is very well educated in her trade."
Paula L, Massage Therapist
Mesa, AZ

"Best massage ever! Thank you Rachel"

Lon R, Project Manager
Chandler, AZ

"I had the fortune of having Rachel over for prenatal massage every 2 weeks of the entire pregnancy with my son. She is phenomenal and so in tune with the pregnant body and what is needed to keep things functioning and feeling optimal during such a stressful time on the body. It lifted my spirits and healed the aches and pains that would settle in between massages from pregnancy! Having her come to my home for it was what made it possible while balancing a hectic work and family life with my other child! I don't feel it is by coincidence that not only was I a much happier and relaxed person during my pregnancy from my prenatal massages, but my son is one of the happiest, most relaxed, and enjoyable little human beings I've ever known still at nearly 2 years old! I believe Rachel's energy and amazing gift for massage most certainly passed on benefits to my unborn son as much if not more than it did for this Momma who was carrying him!"

Shaunna A, Nurse
Gilbert, AZ

"Rachel has provided me with two prenatal massages since I have found out I am pregnant and both have been transformative. When she arrives I am an achey, tense mess. When she leaves I feel like a new woman! She is always on time, professional and available at the drop of a hat. She has provided me with some tips on infant massage I can't wait to use when my baby arrives. I have recommended her to friends and family and they are consistently impressed. I have never had a less than amazing massage from her. I would trust no one else!"

Heather F, Therapist
Peoria, AZ

"Rachel was completely professional, created a great atmosphere in home! I loved the eucalyptus. I had sinus issues and she totally opened everything up! What a treat!"

Carol B, School Counselor
Scottsdale, AZ

"I get regular massages, but am unable to drive as I had injuries from an accident. Rachel was able to work around my injuries really well. She's a very professional and skilled massage therapist. I will definitely be calling her again!"

Claudette N, Register Dietitian
Peoria, AZ

"I called Rachel on Christmas Eve, expecting to leave a voicemail for her. She answered very cheerfully and I asked if she was available on Christmas to come to my home for massages. She seemed very happy to accommodate my request and we worked out a time on Christmas Day that she would massage me and my two family members. This may have been a special circumstance for such sort notice AND on a holiday, but Rachel was very nice and professional while setting up the appointment. She arrived right when she said she would. She also helped me keep the massages a surprise to the others by sneaking in with me and setting up her equipment quickly and quietly. She gave all three of us massages that we all enjoyed very much. Rachel is a great communicator and made sure we were happy with our experience from beginning to end. She is very personable. professional, and efficient with what she does. I was actually in a car accident two days prior to seeing Rachel, and her massage helped my neck and upper back feel much better. We will definitely use her again!"

Kellie S, Student
Mesa, AZ

"I have to say I've had massages all over the valley and few have come close to the quality provided here!!! Rachel was on time and very nice, you could honestly tell this was her passion!! I will be seeing her again soon!!"

Brittney S., Executive Assistant
Phoenix, AZ

"Rachel is awesome, she showed up and did the best massage I have had since last time I met her!"

Diana W., Esthetician
Mesa, AZ

"Great massage! Worked the muscles requested and applied perfect pressure. Thanks Rachel!!"

Cheralee P.
Phoenix, AZ

"Thank you Thank you! Rachel, my arms don't hurt anymore. You're techniques are amazing. I have been getting massages for years....yours is the best!"

Paula L, Licensed Massage Therapist
Mesa, AZ

"Rachel was awesome! Called on a Sunday with very short notice and she was right on time, professional and friendly. And what a great massage! Rachel was VERY accommodating as I am very modest. She followed directions perfectly. She respected my wishes and didn't make me feel strange though I am sure in her practice my requests were unusual! The massage pressure was perfect and my tension just disappeared. Highly recommended."

Amanda H, Sales
Mesa, AZ

"Rachel has been my massage therapist for the last 6 months providing me with weekly, deep tissue, full body massages. I work as a technical consultant in the software industry and spend most of my time traveling.  The acts of carrying luggage through airports, sitting and working on a keyboard, cramped planes and bad beds has made consistent massages a necessity for my physical and mental health and a very high priority for me.  As such, I have had the opportunity to engage a multitude of therapist in various locations and can offer a unique and qualified perspective on the quality of services.

Rachel is, without a doubt, the most professional and skilled therapist I have engaged.  She possesses tremendous knowledge of the various massage methods and consistently applies varying techniques to address problem areas of the muscles.  She also goes the extra mile by constantly updating the tools of the trade to assure the best possible experience.

Whenever I come to Phoenix, my travel arrangements will include a call to Rachel to schedule an appointment and I would strongly recommend her services to anyone whether you require deep tissue or just a relaxing massage."

Thomas B, technical consultant
Atlanta, GA

"Rachel has “hands of gold” and knows where and how to relieve every knot and kink. I highly recommend her therapeutic massages. You won’t be disappointed!"

Loury M, Service Support Specialist
Scottsdale, AZ

"Rachel is a very skilled masseuse who was referred to by a friend about a year ago, when my regular masseuse moved away.  I have had a lot of massages in my life and I am quick to judge if I like a masseuse or not, and to keep the good ones.  From the first time Rachel worked on me, I felt her hands had a sort of radar like she had been massaging me forever.  She knew where all of my trouble spots were, and focused on releasing them without my having to say anything.

She has very strong hands but she also is very sensitive to getting the pressure right.  She has her own special blend of techniques combining acupressure and energy work with deep tissue massage which always does it for me.  I get two hour massages, half of which I sleep through they are so relaxing.

I am a very happy customer, and can recommend her highly.  Just make sure that you don’t miss out on her head and face massage at the end....it's awesome!"

Sheri R, Business Owner
Phoenix, AZ

"I have been getting professional therapeutic massages for over 20 years.  I am very particular and want that hour to make a difference.  I was blown away by Rachel's work.  Not only does she provide the perfect ambiance in the comfort of your own home through aroma therapy and music, she adjusts her work to provide exactly what your muscles need at the time.  Her expertise combined with her connection to Spirit makes her massages not only relaxing, but healing as well."

Kristen B, Spiritual Life Coach
Scottsdale, AZ

"My wife and I started using Rachel as a professional in-home therapist about a year ago . I am currently in my second year of Graduate school and Rachel has been there every two weeks to help keep my going. I used to think that massage was a reward or a pampering experience to indulge in. Now, since Rachel has relieved me of my excruciating headaches I realize how important massage is as part of my overall health regime.

I can say that Rachel is the best in the valley. Not only does she know the way your body works she is very attentive to your needs and making the massage experience last well after she leaves your home. I would highly recommend Rachel as someone that can give you a relaxing therapeutic massage in the comfort of your own home. I would not have made it through Grad school with out her! Thanks for the wonderful job you do. I feel better than I have in a long time."

Ray A, College Adviser
Chandler, AZ

"In the spring of 2010 I had a back injury at my job and was on leave for three months. I was limited in my walking, balance and bending. My left leg had no reflex, strength or control because of a pinched nerve in my back. I called Rachel to schedule an appointment. When she arrived we discussed my injury and I told her what the doctors had told me about estimated time for a full recovery. She understood the injury and we discussed possible therapies. As time and her therapy progressed, the flexibility and feeling in my leg returned.

Through Rachel’s massage sessions the tension in the muscles that I had been using to compensate for the loss of strength in other parts of my body was relieved as well. Also the stress of being injured and not able to work was greatly reduced with the encouraging results after every massage. With Rachel’s knowledge, skills and professional attitude towards her massage therapy I would recommend her to my friends, family and co-workers."

Dan R, Maintenance Technician
Scottsdale, AZ

"I appreciate that Rachel works with me to find the right techniques and pressure to meet my needs while still making the massage a serene and relaxing experience. The benefits of her massages extend into my day-to-day wellness because Rachel also helps me to understand what’s going on with my muscles and joints and to identify habits potentially causing aches and knots."

Don A., Insurance Adjuster
Phoenix, AZ

"I've been coming to Rachel since she was in massage school. Rachel is, by far, the best massage therapist I've ever known. She has an uncanny ability to find the spot that needs attention, always leaving me feeling rejuvenated, and refreshed. I would recommend her to all of my friends."

Rob P, Building Maintenance Technician
Scottsdale, AZ