About Brandon & His Testimonials

Licensed Massage Therapist

Licensed since: 2008

Specialty: Deep Tissue with stretching

Other types of massage: Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Rehabilitative Massage, and Isolated Stretching

"People that get a massage from me enjoy a customized deep tissue massage that is based on their needs and areas of pain. I am very educated in anatomy and have great palpation skills that when combined together really help me find the source of the client’s issue. Clients often comment about my professionalism and the sense of security they feel when I am working on them.

I specialize in deep tissue, injury recovery and injury prevention, and I like to add assisted stretching in when needed to help lengthen and loosen very tight muscles. However, the deep tissue work I do is done in a manner so the body reacts in a positive way, instead of resisting or tightening up more. I enjoy educating clients about their body and how it works, and how their posture or habits can be affecting their issue and/or pain level. While I specialize in deep tissue work, I have also found that a lighter massage is also very effective for a number of clients. The long, slow, and lengthy techniques can be very helpful in releasing tension and helping the body to relax. Even while doing a lighter massage I am still able to find and release trigger points.  After over 14 years of experience I still have a passion for massage and helping clients."

Therapeutic Massage Therapist


I just had a massage for Brandon, and I just wanted to say how wonderful it was. He was very professional and really helped me with a lot of pain relief. So was fantastic. Thank you very much

Janelle S

Chandler, AZ